Spaincreative What do we do?

Spaincreative came about in the best possible way that a design, publicity and communication agency can- from experience!

Spaincreative's strength is its way of thinking, that's what makes it different from the rest. Don't wait for a miracle to happen... act, create and solve. We adapt ourselves to any terrain whether it be uphill, downhill or on the flat- we're a creative 4x4! We work with the large, the medium-sized and the small; "Size doesn't matter" to Spaincreative.

Our secret? We keep smiling :)


  • > BRAND / Corporate Identity, environ branding...
  • > WINE BRANDING / WINE MERCHANTS / Identities, labelling, packaging...
  • > OFF LINE / Creativity, design, editorial, publicity, graphics...
  • > ON LINE / The Web, On-line shopping...
  • > APP PHONE / iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian, Android, Windows Phone...
  • > AUDIOVISUAL / Production and post-production for TV and Film.

Who is it? Lourdes Molina. CEO Spaincreative.

Lourdes has a Degree and a Master's Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Wales / Prifysgol Cymru.

She trained in Graphic Design and Communication at the studio of Antonio Herráiz Publicity and Design, developing projects of visual corporate identity, websites and multimedia.

A business woman from head to toe, her two flagship businesses are Spaincreative and Taninotanino Vinos Inteligentes.

From 2005 to 2010 she founded and managed Takeone, a communication agency which developed important local and national projects, alongside a great team of professionals.

With all the experience gained from the world of these agencies, she created her new communication, publicity, design and on-line agency- a creative agency that keeps smiling. We're talking about Spaincreative S.L.

Lourdes, simultaneously shares her world with another, no less creative and inspirational one, the world of wine.

After an interesting and somewhat altruistic start, and after a year had passed, she eventually took hold of the reins and decided to create her second business Taninotanino Vinos Inteligentes S.L. As she says herself: "The World of Wine is infinite".

Her interative experience has led her to manage important projects for her city such as the websites for, Picasso Museum (art and social inclusion), Teatro Cervantes (Cervantes Theatre), Málaga 2016, Teatro Echegaray (Echegaray Theatre) the Málaga Film Office and the Málaga Film Festival among others which have won various prizes at a national and international level. Many examples of her website work have been published in books worldwide.

Her everyday work which develops in her two businesses has made Marketing become one of her most powerful tools for managing projects with great results. She collaborates with specialist consultancies in Marketing and On-line Marketing not only in Malaga but also Madrid. Recently, she has made the jump to cities such as New York, London, Milano, Paris, Bourgogne, Suiza, Casablanca and Mexico.

Her perfect "partner" for professional development? Travel!
A dream achieved: Working freely in that which she enjoys.
The Dream Project: is yet to arrive!
Favourite customer: The one who respects her work.
Her best ally: a pencil and paper
To Lourdes Molina, a graphic designer "solves problems".
Who she admires: her good friend Josep Maria Trias Folch.
Her inspiration is a secret well kept in her box of surprises.
Her music: that played on her piano. Languages: that which is seen and not heard
She believes in working as a team more than as an individual. On a business level she believes more in individualities: "If you make a mistake, you make it alone. If you get it right, you alone get it right. For this reason you have to have great confidence in yourself. Celebrate your victories in moderation and learn from your failures".
She will always consider herself to be a "genius' apprentice" and to her, being a good professional implies a high level of personal sacrifice.




• Finalist in the category the best brand image: CMKM 2014 by Maximum for Men
• Award Finalist in the category Advertising Agripina of: Packaging and Graphics. 2014. Maximum for Men
• Finalist in the category the best brand image: CMKM 2013 by Maximum Wine
• Award Finalist in the category Advertising Agripina of: Corporate Identity, Packaging and Graphics. 2012
• 2 Nominations for a Bronze Laus at the ADG-FAD for Naming, 2010.
• Selected for the XIII AEPD Design Awards in the Identity Systems Design category, 2010.
• Sur.es Awards in the leisure category for www.taninotanino.es, 2010.
• Cybersur Award for Best Andalucian Website in the "Institution" category for malagafilmoffice.com, 2009.
• 1st Prize for malagafilmoffice.com at the AFCI Website Marketing in Santa Monica, USA.